Allow pop-ups from our website in order to receive
a pdf report after every airfoil evaluation

How to search (1500+ airfoils) in our database?

-Just use the search area on the left, by typing in the
airfoil name you want,or a part of it,or part of it's description, and press enter.
If you want to see all the airfoils stored just press enter.

How to upload your own airfoil?

-Use the browse button on the left toolbar in the home page
and select the airfoil file of your choice from your personal files.
The uploaded file must be a .txt or .datfile and the structure of the file must be
as shown in the following short example:

Airfoil name
1 0.001
0.996 0.001
0.986 0.002
0 0
0.001 -0.001
0.013 -0.002
0.986 -0.001
0.996 -0.001
1 -0.001

Start by providing the trailing edge coordinates and continue with the suction side
coordinates until the leading edge is reached, then continue with the pressure
side coordinates until all points are provided.If you don't wish to provide an
airfoil name just start providing coordinates from the first line

How to plot?

After you clicked or uploaded an airfoil of your choice:
-Insert a scale (e.g if you want to double the size insert 2)
-Insert degrees of rotation (e.g if 45 is inserted the plot will be rotated 45
degrees clock-wise)
-Click on the 'Modify original' or 'Modify normalized' button
-You can leave any field you don't wish to change empty
-If you click on the 'Normalize' button , the selected airfoil will be de-rotated,
de-translated, and de-scaled to a 1 meter chord
-Clicking on the 'Reset' button will empty all the fields in the 'Modifications' tab
and return your airfoil to it's original form

How to plot with user given point of rotation or translation?

-Insert degrees of rotation/translation (e.g if 45 is inserted the plot will be rotated 45
degrees clock-wise)
-Insert a point of rotation/translation by providing the x and y value of the rotation point
coordinate, or by providing a percentage of the chord (the y coordinate will be 0)

How to evaluate?

Click on the evaluate button and you will be taken to the evaluation page which
provides info and a diagram of the airfoil of your choice with all the modifications you
made and a diagram of the de-rotated and de-translated version of that airfoil with it's
chord, camber line, maximum camber point and value and maximum thickness point and value

How to export your modified coordinates?

Click on the export button and a dialogue box will open, where you will be enabled
to open or download a txt file, containing the airfoil's basic information and all it's surface coordinates

Explanation of the airfoil curvature diagram

In this diagram we visualize the curvature of the airfoil with vectors. For each point on the airfoil surface
we have a vector parallel to the height of the triangle created by the point we're examining, the one on the
right and the one on the left. The vector's length is proportionate to the angle of the triangle, on the
point we examine. Due to good visualization all vectors larger than 1.0 mm will be displayed as 1.0 mm
(we advise you to smooth the corresponding points in order to avoid high curvatures)


> Scaling is applied before rotation

> Rotation is applied before movement

> You can input the percentages of the the chord as follows:
- fully : e.g. 10%c
- partially : e.g. 10%
- plain : e.g. 10

> If you leave a field empty the values will be considered as follows:
- scale : 1 or 100%c
- rotation : 0
- rotation and translation points : 0 or 0%c
How to use Airfoil Evaluator

Pick an airfoil from our database or upload one of your own
Make your modifications
Evaluate your airfoil
Automatic application of smoothing algorithms
Calculate the pressure distribution (CP)
Everything is downloadable!
Get an evaluation pdf report, a zip with all of the CP files, all the plots and coordinates

The white papers for our algorithms by Joseph Saverin

Smoothing Flow solver